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Josef Marek

Josef Marek

Josef Marek uses the tension within the objects for his artistic meaning. His main focus therefore is on the inner space and he uses the structure and hollow spaces within the object to let it come to life. His philosophy has been formed by his long stay as a professor at Toyama Institute of Glass Art in Japan.

Artist: Josef Marek - Fine Art Glass -

Josef Marek

Born 1963 in the Czech Republic

Josef Marek uses natural qualities of glass mass and its ability to create the feeling of depth in a very short space. His practical sculptural training, exceptional talent and strong imagination gives him the advantage to approach glass from many different directions. Josef, in his simple, nearly minimalistic forms – influenced by his long stay in Japan as a professor at Toyama Institute of Glass Art – creates unreal spaces with mysterious feeling or creating objects out of glass in impossible positions denying gravity.


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