Josef Marek

Josef Marek uses the tension within the objects for his artistic meaning. His main focus therefore is on the inner space and he uses the structure and hollow spaces within the object to let it come to life. His philosophy has been formed by his long stay as a professor at Toyama Institute of Glass Art in Japan.

Jan Fišar

Jan Fišar completed a classic sculptural education; this can still be clearly seen in his glass objects. A part of his sculptures consisted of complicated compositions of slumped, sunken and cut hollow glass, a technique being unique in the world. With his work he expressed strong philosophical messages.


Jiří Suchý

Jiří Suchý’s glass objects, which are melted in moulds in the kiln, follow classical Czech glass sculpture in their design language. In his compositions he works with displacements of geometric objects, layering and blending them. By contrast, his paintings, which he creates using hot glass are expressive/abstract.

Ivan Mareš

The artist’s large objects, that demand great efforts of time and patience and that take him months to create, using complicated forms and precise planning, are full of a plastic and pictorial force that clearly reveals the tension between the dimensions and the fragility of the material glass.READ MORE

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