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The gallery for contemporary fine art glass sculpture

Glasgalerie Stölting, founded in 1988, has maintained a singular focus on the exquisite world of contemporary fine art glass sculpture right from its inception.

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We love glass for over 35 years”

Glasgalerie Stölting was founded in 1988. Thanks to this gallery a large number of fine art glass sculptures created by glass artists are represented in private and public collections and international museums.

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Featured Fine Art glass artists

GlassArt: Jan Fisar - Crystallization

His objects consisted of complicated compositions of slumped, sunken and cut hollow glass, a technique being unique in the world.


The artist is a progressive traditionalist: forward-looking and constantly breaking new ground without losing sight of the traditional roots of Czech glass art.

GlassArt: Josef Marek - Landscape Near Lara

His simple, nearly minimalistic forms creates unreal spaces with mysterious feeling or creating objects out of glass in impossible positions denying gravity.

GlassArt: Alena Matejka - My Dear Hunter From Lavondyss

The artist likes to combine glass with other materials and creates her sculptures in glass as well as in stone and organic materials.