Malvina Middleton & Josef Marek – Polarized Unity

Exhibition date: May 2017 – July 2017

We are proud to present the first common exhibition of this artist couple. Malvina and Josef are using the same medium with a different approach and varying results while they understand and support each other in UNITY. Malvina and Josef have met during their participation in the international exhibition of glass in Coburg. Surprisingly for both of them, they started to realize that they agree and understand each other on most matters of contemporary art, architecture, culture and more.

Malvina started to use glass in her work as an established artist whose paintings were in collection of the State Gallery of Cyprus. Her artistic methodology includes patterns, colours, strong expression, and perfectly balanced compositions. She uses glass like blank canvas which she then covers with colored light. Her favourite artists are members of „Die Brücke“, „Karl Schmidt Rottluff“, „Kirchner“, „Heckel“, and „Nolde“.
Josef uses natural qualities of glass mass and its ability to create the feeling of depth in a very short space. His practical sculptural training, exceptional talent and strong imagination gives him the advantage to approach glass from many different directions. Josef, in his simple, nearly minimalistic forms – perhaps influenced by his long stay in Japan – creates unreal spaces with mysterious feeling or creating objects out of glass in impossible positions denying gravity.

»After many years of using glass as a medium and sharing its difficulties,we have for the first time a unique opportunity to exhibit our work together and, what more, in one of the most respected, professional art galleries for fine art glass: the Glass Gallery Stölting in Hamburg«
Malvina Middleton & Josef Marek 2017

Malvina MiddletonJosef Marek
Malvina Middleton & Josef MarekMalvina Middleton & Josef MarekMalvina Middleton & Josef MarekMalvina Middleton & Josef Marek
Josef Marek – Levis Umbra
Josef Marek – Spiritual Space
Malvina Middleton – Haris Wisdom
Malvina Middleton – Stymphalian Bird