Aleš Vašíček – Solo Exhibition

Exhibition date: February 2023 – June 2023

Aleš Vašíček was born 1947 in the Czech Republic. After his training as a glass grinder at the glass technical school in Železný Brod from 1962 to 1966 he studied at the University of Applied Arts in Prague in the class of Prof. Stanislav Libenský and graduated 1972. That was at a time when a new generation of young artists from the circle of graduates of Stanislav Libenský’s glass class were looking for new forms of expression and discovered form-melted glass for themselves.


Inspired by the ancient doctrine of the four elements, the “essences” fire, water, air and earth, Vašíček processes fundamental natural processes and phenomena in his abstract sculptures. Titles like “Symbols of Fire”, “Eruption” or “Hemisphere” are examples of this. Characteristics of his work are geometric basic forms, which find a counterpart in moving plastic elements inside or on the outside of the sculptures and reflect the contrast between order and chaos.


The art historian Sylva Petrová sees a connection between Aleš Vašíček’s work and Baroque art. Every day he experiences the baroque houses and churches in his hometown Prague which are characterized by a strict order that is broken up by dynamic elements.

Available Sculptures by Aleš Vašíček