Group exhibition: Masters of Form

Exhibition date: February 2016 – June 2016

Our group exhibition features four masters of glass sculpture who possess perfect skills in handling this challenging material. Geometric shapes play a key role in their work. They utilise the special characteristics of glass in different ways, creating an individual idiom and autonomy in their work.


Josef Marek (born in 1963) leverages the tension within the object for his artistic message, focusing on the design of the interior. To this end, he often makes use of optical illusions, applying structures that contrast with the clear, polished surfaces. Depending on the angle and lighting, this causes the interior to change.

Aleš Vašícek (born in 1947) is now working with precise and clear glass sculpture, after his early works that showed traces of free-hand modelling. The expression in his large-format objects is determined by the external form as well as the different surface finishes.

Vladimir Klein (born in 1950) creates his objects using a technique which he developed himself involving the use of a hammer and chisel. He frequently combines the resultant surface structure with perfectly polished surfaces, creating a play of lights which fills his objects with life.

lja Bílek (born in 1948) works with flat and three-dimensional glass which he combines to form technically complex compositions. His objects comprise perfectly cut, transparent, coloured glass shapes and hand-made opaque glass plates which he assembles to create architectural-like shapes. This particular combination of glass elements forms the basis of his artistic vision.

Josef MarekAleš VašíčekVladimir KleinIlja Bílek
GlassArt: Ales Vasicek - RingGlassArt: Ales Vasicek - Red Sphere
Vladimir Klein – Moon Ship
Josef Marek – Transformation
Vladimir Klein – Violett Fish
Ilja Bílek – Won’t be next time
Ilja Bílek – Parallel Stories
Size: 58 x 60 x 12 cm – Technique: mould melted glass, polished
Size: 46 x 91 x 15 cm – Technique: mould melted glass, polished