Young Czech Glass 1997

Duration of the exhibition: November – December 1997 – Nine young Czech glass artists exhibit their works in Glasgalerie Hittfeld. All of these young Czech glass artists studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, whereby some of them already received international awards. The range of the more than 40 works, representing these artists, reaches from expressively painted hollow glass (Martin Velisek) to the traditional Czech technqiue of melted glass sculptures (Anna Matouskova).


The gallery’s artists:
Richard Cermak (*1961), Lenka Cermakova (*1960), Alena Matejkova (*1966), Anna Matouskova (*1963), Rony Plesl (*1965), Jan Fisar (*1933), Martin Velisek (*1963), Petr Vlcek (*1962), Eva Vlckova (*1966), Jana Voldrichova (*1960)

Additionally these young czech glass artists combine glass with other materials, such as metall (Rony Plesl, whose 2 m high glass sculptures are exhibited at the outside), sheet metal, wire and semi-precious stones (“Receptacles” by Jana Voldrichova) or glass and basalt (“Cups” by Alena Matejkova). The shown glass objects not only present the variety of expressions and techniques of each artist, but at the same time they also demonstrate the continuous development of this young art. Apart from this solo exhibition Glasgalerie Hittfeld presents glass sculptures of leading Czech glass artists as well as some objects by Jan Fisar which were to be seen at the SOFA Chicago 2001 exhibition, Chicago/USA.