Bohumil Eliáš sen. & jun. – Generations

Duration of the exhibition: 11 March – August 2012 – This exhibition will show objects designed by father and son. It will demonstrate that the son follows his famous father’s footsteps, though having found his entirely own way of expression.

Bohumil Eliáš sen:
The main focus of the artist’s work was the painting of glass. Another important part of his glass sculptures consisted of glued, painted and etched glass plates which were subsequently layered upon each other. He thereby created a fascinating visual appearance into the interior of his glass objects.

Bohumil Eliáš jun:
The artist’s education as a classical sculptor becomes apparent in his work. For him glass is an equivalent material that he uses together with other sculptural materials, such as bronze, metal or stone etc., thereby taking advantage of the transparency and the reflection of glass for his artistic expression. Bohumil Eliáš jun. also includes materials in his objects that he found in nature, making his work very varied and rich.