Alena Matějka – Between Heaven and Earth

Exhibition date: November 2015 – February 2016

In the final special exhibition marking the 25th anniversary in 2015 of the city partnership between Hamburg and Prague, we show you installations as well as stone and glass objects by the artist Alena Matejka. Alena Matejka studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Her professor Vladimír Kopecký left a lasting impression on her, encouraging her as he did to defy all conventions and to search for what was truly unique.

Matejka works with glass or stone and her objects exhibit a special mysticism that can be seen in the installation “My Dear, Hunter from Lavondyss”, which was inspired by Robert Holdstock’s fantasy story and the “Hunter”, her partner the sculptor Lars Widenfalk. The glass cabinet holds items from the mythical and real woods – bones, teeth, feathers, the remains of familiar and unfamiliar animals which a hunter takes home with him. In addition to this unique installation, which contains a total of more than 400 kg of glass, we also have new objects by the artist on display.


For her exhibition at Glasgalerie Stölting, Matejka developed the idea expressed in “My Dear, Hunter from Lavondyss”, i.e. the use of glass combined with organic elements. This involves concepts such as “strength”, “fraternity” and “trust”.

Works by the artist can be found in collections and museums in such places as Toyama/Japan, Dubai/United Arab Emirates, Ebeltoft/Denmark and Prague/Czech Republic.

Alena Matejka
Alena Matejka – Installation – My Dear Hunter of Lavondyss
Alena Matejka – Between Heaven and Earth
Alena Matejka – Eden Rose Blue
Alena Matejka – Installation – Feast
Alena Matejka – Installation – Path
Alena Matejka – House of Six Hawks
Lars Widenfalk – Tom Stölting – Alena Matejka