10 Years Glasgalerie Hittfeld (Part 1)

Duration of the exhibition: May – June 1998 – Dear friends of contemporary glass art, my glass gallery, which is solely specialized in Czech glass art and gained an international reputation in the meantime, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in autumn this year. During these 10 years I succeeded to awake the interest for this young art by presenting numerous works of the leading Czech glass artists to the broad public.


Additionally this is also due to the worldwide exhibitions whereby my glass gallery participated successfully. The anniversary exhibitions will include works of contemporary Czech glass artists who have shown their glass sculptures in my glass gallery since its foundation.


These exhibitions – the second part will take place in autumn this year – will be an encounter with familiar as well as recent works of these artists. The first part of the anniversary exhibitions will be opened on May 17, 1998. Among other artists, the first part of the anniversary exhibitions will include objects by Ilja Bilek, Jan Fisar, Milan Handl, Ivana Houserova, Prof. Stanislav Libensky/Jaroslava Brychtova, Anna Matouskova, Alena Matejkova, Ivo Rozsypal, Jaromir Rybak, Dana Vachtova.


For more than a year people from all over the world being interested in glass have been able to follow my exhibtions as well as the works of the Czech glass artists through these internet pages. However, I would like to point out that this can be merely an information, as the web pages can in no way represent the material glass in connection with the artist’s message. In order to be able to better understand the objects it is most important to have a deeper knowledge of the background of this young art and the artists.


The objects’ messages become more visible by knowing the artist, his motives as well as his surroundings. This can also be confirmed by the participants of a Journey to the Glass who made this journey together with me to the Czech Republic in the autumn of last year. Should you wish to learn more about the fascination of glass this beautiful, esthetical material, or learn about its messages or even to get an insight of the artists and their working methods, you are most welcome to visit my glass gallery.

Eliska Stölting