Ivana Šrámková »Creatures«

Duration of the exhibition: May – August 2013 – Ivana Srámková seeks her inspiration from indigene people or from the antiquity. For her monumental sculptures the artist partially renounces the strong characteristics of the material glass and takes instead advantage of its colourfulness, whereby the translucency of the glass is limited, due to her manner of modelling the object’s surface.

She expresses her own philosophy in her sculptures of human beings and animals. Lately the artist mainly focused on two subjects. On the one hand, she created birds that seem very alive und whose joyful interaction amuses the observer. On the other hand, this cheerfulness is in sharp contrast to her monumental objects, such as “The Injured Lioness”, by which Ivana Srámková expresses the defenselessness and vulnerability. Furthermore she has been working for many years on unique figures full of character that spread an astonishing peacefulness and constancy. These objects are technically highly sophisticated, not least because of their size and weight.