Jiřina Žertová – Cross Section

Duration of the exhibition: 10 April – 17 May 2005 – Glasgalerie Hittfeld wants to give you an insight into Jiřina Žertová’s work. She belonged to the glass movement right from the beginning and she has been working with the material glass for meanwhile 50 years. Already in 1957 she draw attention to her work at the Milano Triennal, where she was honoured with the silver medal for her carafe with polished decoration. However, the emphasis of Jirina Zertova’s artistic work has always been and will always be the painted glass.


At first she painted blown objects with a special technique, whereas during the 1990ies she has begun to create coloured compositions on flat glass screens. By arranging one painted flat glass screen upon the other an important tension develops between the geometrically piled up glass and the coloured inner room.

This tension can be additionally intensified by the observer’s movements. The multiplication of the structures, sometimes with the help of mirrors, opens new space and enables the development of three-dimensional pictures. The different composition of the colours supports the artist’s message. Jiřina Žertová has been present for the opening of this exhibition in Glasgalerie Hittfeld on Sunday, April 10th, 2005.

She is represented with her painted glass objects in many international museums.