Summer Exhibition 2019

Exhibition date: June 2019 – Oktober 2019

Our group exhibition features artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Applying many different approaches, the artists use glass as a material to create expressive and captivating works.


On both floors, sculptures by the following artists are on display:


Michael Behrens – The German sculptor finds his inspiration in nature, especially the underwater world. The concentration on a few colours and the cell structures resulting from the fusion of the glass sections used are characteristics of his glass objects.


Jiří Karel – The work of Jiří Karel focuses on the use of floated optical glass slabs hot-welded in compact blocks that he sculpts and tirelessly polishes until the end composition.


Jana Voldřichová – Jana Voldřichová, uses different materials for her art, such as the wood of lime trees, bronze and glass.She also employs various techniques, painting, casting and engraving to render message.


Marian Volráb – The principal theme in his glass objects as well as in his paintings is always the human being with its traces and imprints that are hidden within the world’s labyrinth.


Josef Marek – Josef Marek uses the tension within the objects for his artistic meaning. His main focus therefore is on the inner space and he uses the structure and hollow spaces within the object to let it come to life.


I. Račková & D. Suchopárek – Sculptures of this artistic couple are made of optical glass take the form of pyramidal artifacts, symbolizing the quest for the feasible.


Tomáš Hlavička – With his sculptures made from fused glass and metal, he brings simple shapes to life, creating microcosmic worlds of colour and texture that constantly change depending on the light source and angle.


Petra Hřebačková – The daughter of Tomáš Hlavicka and the granddaughter of the internationally renowned glass artist Pavel Hlava, she studied at the Prague Academy of Art, Architecture and Design, Glass and Ceramics.


Jiří Suchý – His glass objects, which are melted in moulds in the kiln, follow classical Czech glass sculpture in their design language. In his compositions he works with displacements of geometric objects, layering and blending them.