Ingrid Račková & David Suchopárek – Ways of confluence

Exhibition date:  September 2017 – December 2017

We are proud to present the first exhibition of the artistic duo Ingrid Račková & David Suchopárek from the Czech Republic. Both artists studied from 1993-1999 at the University of Applied Arts in Prague. Ingrid Račková studied at the Glass Studio of Prof. Vladimír Kopecký and David Suchopárek at the Glass in Architecture Studio of Prof. Marian Karel.


During their studies they started to know each other on the artistic and on the human level and founded the IRDS studio in 2001. Then the time has come for them to start a family, so they began to work in the first place as designers for the renowned glass making company Moser. Now they have both returned to their artistic roots in a radical move. Their sculptures made of optical glass take the form of pyramidal artifacts, symbolizing the quest for the feasible. They represent deflected, redirected, distributed or bundled thoughts that are transformed by internal and external factors. Their glass paintings are capturing the inner world of man, the two forces of peace and movement that overlap each other, compete or in harmony.

IRGS - Ingrid Račková & David Suchopárek
D. Suchopárek – I. Račková – Pacific
D. Suchopárek – I. Račková – Each Other
D. Suchopárek – I. Račková – Aim
D. Suchopárek – I. Račková – Sun Pyramid
D. Suchopárek – I. Račková – Flying