Cross section: 1988 – 2003

Duration of the exhibition: 23 June – 6 March 2004 – The anniversary exhibition “Cross-Section” will present old and recent works of those contemporary Czech glass artists, who have been exhibiting their objects in Glasgalerie Hittfeld for the past 15 years. Since its beginning in 1988 – at that time the only galery worldwide which was exclusively specialized in contemporary Czech glass art – Glasgalerie Hittfeld became more and more a meeting point for the top of the Czech glass artists, for experts, collectors and friends of contemporary glass art.


Taking into consideration that this art has only been existing for approximately 40 years, 15 years Glasgalerie Hittfeld is something quite special. Only here is it permanently possible to contemplate so many works of internationally acknowledged Czech glass artists and to follow their development. Apart from exhibiting the established artists it is one of the galerist’s most important concerns to also give a chance to the young, ambitioned artists and to present their work in her gallery.

Eliska Stölting personally knows all these artists, she went to the glass school of Zelezny Brod (CZ) with many among them or she worked together with them at the Novy Bor glass works, before she began her studies of art education at Karls University in Prague. Later all this formed the well founded basis for her galleristic acitivity.

“My gallery’s success would not be possible without the artists as well as the enthusiastic visitors and collectors who are open to this new art”, realizes Eliska Stölting. “I would be pleased if the visitors of my web site would personally come to visit my glass gallery, because the fascination of glass in combination with the artist’s message cannot be passed on by any web page.”


Glass objects are exhibited of:
Ilja Bilek, Bohumil Elias, Jan Fisar, Ivana Houserova, Pavel Jezek, Prof. Vladimir Kopecky, Prof. S. Libensky/ J. Brychtova, Vaclav Machac, Ivan Mares,Jaroslav Matous, Anna Matouskova, Alena Matejkova, Rene Roubicek, Rony Plesl, Miluse Roubickova, Ivo Rozsypal, Jaromir Rybak, Gizela Sabokova, Marketa Silena, Ivana Sramkova, Dana Vachtova,  Ales Vasicek, Martin Velisek and more.