Chicken Program

Duration of the exhibition: 17 Oct – 18 Dec 2004 – Glass objects by Ivana Sramkova and Michal Machat. Ivana Sramkova and Michal Machat belong to the established glass artists in the Czech Republic. They work artistically independently from each other. On the occasion of a symposium they had the opportunity to work together for the first time.

In the glassworks they created little glass sculptures which represented their personal – and simultaneously – the typical Czech sense of humor. The artists revived the traditional technique of the glassworks. The imaginative objects distantly recall the glass figures of the Czeck glass artist J. Brychta (1895-1971) and indivdually refer to the objects which were created in the glassworks by Miluse Roubickova (*1922) and Rene Roubicek (*1922).  This humorous and already completed cycle can be seen in the special exhibition “Chicken Program”.