Rony Plesl: Transparent / Translucent

Duration of the exhibition: 26 May – 29 June 2002 – “It is glass as a material which enables me, by means of its transparency and its translucency, to make precisely these kinds of statements.”I gave my diploma thesis the title “The Soul of Shape”. Since that time I have been trying in my geometric and minimalist objects, with the assistance of light and fine colours, to give a firm shape to some part of the secret of life. READ MORE

Jan Fišar: Glass Sculptures and Garden

Duration of the exhibition: August – September 1998 – The International Exhibition for Glass Sculptures & Garden in Munster, Germany. Installation consisting of 33 single objects.The three glass bulbs floating on the water as well as the glass objects projecting out of the water represent the beginning of life. The small parts slowly get their shapes as they approach the shore, they become more and more perfect before finally ending on the shore as a double figure.


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