GlassArt: Tomas Brzon - Blue Passage

Tomáš Brzon – Videos

Tomáš Brzon

Born 1982 in the Czech Republic

Tomáš Brzon works with simple geometrical shapes, reflections and optical illusions using cut and polished glass surfaces. His well thought-out and perfect cut reflects light, creating contours and geometric shapes within the sculpture, in this way he is able to capture the nature of glass using his primary attributes. Brzon’s objects are inspired by the forms and images of his everyday life. After graduating, he specialized in glass by working with renowned glass artists such as Martin Rosol, Jan Mareš and Latchezar Boyadjiev. He has exhibited in Europe and the U.S.A and currently lives and works in the Czech Republic.

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GlassArt: Lukas Mjartan - Sunshine

Lukas Mjartan – Videos

Lukas Mjartan

Born 1975 in the Slovak Republic

Lukas Mjartan finds inspiration in architectural forms and converts them into high-contrast, rigid geometric works with structural and sometimes even rough gestural elements. Light and the variation in the thickness of the glass mass play with the intensity of the each of the colours that he selects for his work, thus creating expressive sculptural forms.

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