Bohumil Eliáš Jr. – Glass Sculptures & Paintings

Exhibition date: July 2015 – October 2015

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the city partnership Hamburg-Prague 2015, we cordially invited to Hamburg’s HafenCity to visit our second special exihibition.

With this special exhibition we presented paintings and glass objects of the young Prague artist Bohumil Eliáš Jr. The artist went to Secondary School of Glassmaking in Kamenicky Senov and subsequently completed the classical education as a sculptor at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague, as a master scholar under Professor Jan Hendrych. Bohumil Eliáš Jr. is a member of the group of artists RUBIKON whose members are important representative of the Czech studio glass scene and who enjoy national and international recognition.

With his background of an artist family, Bohumil Eliáš Jr. grew up surrounded by art. In his father’s studio (cofounder of the “studio glass” Bohumil Elias Sr. 1937 – 2005), he learned how to handle glass starting from scratch. Even today, in a modern interpretation he still applies some of the techniques his father developed. For Bohumil Eliáš Jr. glass is an equivalent material that he uses together with other sculptural materials. He thereby takes advantage of the transparency and the reflection of the glass for his artistic expression. A frequent motif in the artist’s work are architectural elements alongside abstract, natural forms in an overal minimalistic style.

Bohumil Elias jun.
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Moonlight
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Landscape
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Leap Into The Unknown
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Marbled
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Marbled
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Queen of ice
Bohumil Eliáš jun. – Twins