Artist Group: RUBIKON 2016

Exhibition date: November 2016 – February 2017

The “Rubicon” group of artists was established by the theorist Mgr. Ivo Kren in 1997. The group deliberately adopted this designation as the name of the River Rubicon is symbolic of courageous decisions. Accordingly, the artists are going new ways in their work. Our group exhibition of the internationally renowned glass artists Bohumil Eliaš jr., Jaroslav Matouš, Jan Exnar, Jaromír Rybák and Marian Volráb, offers a unique insight into the world of Czech glass art.


Artist Bohumíl Eliáš jun. (1980) sees glass as an artistic material that he uses in conjunction with bronze, metal or stone. In doing so, he utilises the transparency and reflections of the glass to express his artistic intentions.


The objects created by artist Jaroslav Matouš (1941), by contrast, are characterised in a most unique and original manner by his poetic way of viewing nature. The delicate colouring of the glass and the use of fine wires and glass pearls highlight the fragility of nature.


The imaginative world created by artist Jaromír Rybák (1952) is reflected in his work. By combining shape and colour, he achieves a high degree of expressiveness in his work. The central motif of his abstract themes is predominantly the symbolism of life and death as well as the four elements.


In his objects, artist Jan Exnar (1951) combines sculptural forms with perfectly ground surfaces characterised by the transparency of the glass and vivid colours. The light transforms his works into fascinating, ever changing monumental sculptures.


The main theme pursued by artist Marian Volráb (1961) is man with his traces and imprints in the labyrinth of the world. He finds his inspiration in organic shapes that were created by nature and its limitless possibilities.

Bohumil Eliaš jr.Jaroslav MatoušJan ExnarJaromír RybákMarian Volráb
Jan Exnar – Altus
Jan Exnar – Kreta
Jaromír Rybák – Big Fish
Jaromír Rybák – Rose Ray
Jaroslav Matouš – Mountain Spring
Jaroslav Matouš – Coral
Marian Volráb – Tears
Marian Volráb – Life II
Bohumil Eliaš jun. – Moonlight
Bohumil Eliaš jun. – Twins